Homily — 16th Sunday Ordinary Time C July 22, 2007

Homily — 16th Sunday Ordinary Time C        July 22, 2007

Martha, Martha. . . .

There’s a bit of the Martha Martha in every one of us, a part of us that is anxious and worried about many things.

Anxious and worried about the future, about finances or health, about a loved one, about what people are thinking of us.

There was even a bit of the Martha Martha in her sister Mary, as we see later in another passage in John’s Gospel.  Mary becomes so anxious and worried over her brother Lazarus’ death that see initially refuses to see Jesus when He comes to console her.

Martha, Martha, there’s a bit of you in all of us.

And therefore, Jesus’ words to Martha are addressed to us as well.

You are anxious and worried about many things(;)
There is need of only one thing.

And that only one thing is to know the incredible love and care that I the Lord have for you, at every moment.

On that same occasion of her brother Lazarus’ death, Jesus reminded Martha of that only one thing needed, when He told her I am the Resurrection and the Life;  whoever believes in Me, even if he die — even if he or she has great reason to be anxious and worried about many things — will have the fullness of life.

And Jesus concluded that statement by asking her, “Do you believe this, Martha?”

And Martha, Martha said to Jesus that day, “Yes Lord, I have come to believe in the only one thing that’s needed.

I have come to believe that you are the Christ, . . . .who has come into the world. I have learned, since first I met you, to bring all my many anxieties and worries to you each day, placing them before your Pierced Feet.

“I have learned to each day come to you in prayer so that I may take up your yoke and learn from you, and I have found rest for my soul by doing so.

“I, Martha, have learned to choose the better part, and it shall not be taken from me, so help me Jesus.”

Through this Eucharist we today celebrate, may Christ help all of the Martha, Martha’s in us to also choose the better part.

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