Homily – Easter Sunday MMX 4/4/10

Homily – Easter Sunday MMX 4/4/10

That first Easter Sunday morning, the Three Holy Women went to the tomb with the spices they had prepared as St. Luke’s Gospel tells us.

These women were planning to sprinkle these sweet-smelling spices on and around the body of their Lord Jesus, which had been laying dead in that damp and musty tomb for three days.

And it could very well be that the women came up with the idea themselves, but it could also be that Peter and the other Apostles asked them to do this, maybe even ordered them to go to the tomb first thing that morning.

Perhaps that First Easter Sunday morning the Apostles planned on giving Jesus a better burial than the rush job that they gave Him late Good Friday afternoon, when the disciples had to hurry things up because sunset began the strict sabbath rest they had to observe as Jews.

Perhaps that first Easter Sunday, the disciples were hoping to take Jesus’ body out of the tomb and lay Him out in the Garden, like an outdoor wake, and reminisce about the Good Old Days that were now gone forever as they gathered around the Body of Jesus that was newly spiced up by the Holy Women

But instead, the women on entering the empty tomb found it to be filled with the most Heavenly Fragrance, a Fragrance so fair that all other smells paled in comparison.

The smell of Resurrection filled that early morning air.

And the women breathed it in, and then threw down their earthly spices and ran faster and lighter than they ever ran in their life back to the Apostles and said “The Funeral’s Off!”

And Peter and John smelled it on the women’s clothes, and then they ran faster and lighter than ever to the tomb, breathed it all in, and believed.

And this Easter Day, my brothers and sisters in Christ, the smell of Resurrection once again permeates the Air.

Jesus Christ, who was Crucified and Buried by the powers of this world is not dead, His Body needs no “spicing up” in our world today,

no, the Body of Christ is as alive and full of power and glory in our world today as it was the Day He Rose Victoriously from the Grave.

Let us this Easter Season leave the stale polluted air of this fallen world behind, and step out into the Fresh Air of Resurrection Faith.

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