Homily — 25th Sunday OT A September 21, 2008

Homily — 25th Sunday OT A September 21, 2008

Your ways (are not) my ways says the Lord God in today’s first reading.

Man’s ways are not God’s ways — nor are Man’s business practices God’s business practices, as we see in the Gospel.

As we end a week of serious economic turmoil, and begin a new week of serious economic uncertainty, the Church providentially invites us to reflect upon a very different kind of corporate entity run by a very different kind of CEO. The kingdom of Heaven, Jesus says, is like a landowner who owned a vineyard.

Yes, God the Father is the CEO of a 36 billion acre vineyard which stretches from one end of the globe to the other. And those who work hard for this Vineyard, and invest all they have in it, never need to worry about job cuts or lay offs in the vineyard, for God will always have works of mercy for his laborer to do.

Nor does a laborer in God’s vineyard ever need to worry about the vineyard going bankrupt or defaulting on a mortgage, for God has an infinite supply of spiritual riches with which he pays his laborers.

No, the government will never need to step in and bail the Vineyard out; for the Vineyard has seen many governments come and go during her 2000 year history; it has even stepped in and bailed out a few governments herself down through the years.

Yes, Wall Street could crash, the global economy could go into a recession, — hopefully not, but even if it did, through it all, the Lord’s Vineyard alone would remain Rock-Solid in it’s rich spiritual assets.

Certainly, we all want to pray fervently these days that Wall Street doesn’t crash, that the economy does remain strong in the short and the long term.

But we also want to pray even harder that more laborers, that more people in our world today, that you and I will accept God’s invitation to go and work in his vineyard.

And so in these tumultuous times, may we busy ourselves in doing the works of God in the hours we have left on this earth.

God will certainly pay a just and most generous wage to all His employees, far more than they really deserve, no matter how late in the day they start, so let us all start anew in learning God’s ways and in conducting ourselves in a way worthy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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