Homily — Mary, Mother of God MMIX

Homily — Mary, Mother of God MMIX

As many of you know, our beautiful new outdoor Nativity Scene in front of the Church went through a rough first Christmas.

Some time early Christmas morning, strong winds blew the roof right off of it.  We managed to screw the roof back on tight before the 10 a.m. Mass, but by the time we got out of Mass the wind had flipped the whole wooden stable over!  (At least the roof stayed on).

Thankfully, there were some sand bags that we use to protect one of the back doors to the school when the stream in back of the Church overflows its banks, we put these sandbags on top of and around the crèche, and so far it’s still standing.

I just hope we don’t have any floods before the Christmas Season’s over!

While this is all kind of comical, the real stable of Bethlehem probably wasn’t much better of a shelter. Whether it was a damp, dark, cold cave like many stables in that day, or a creaky, leaky roofed wooden structure that fell down in a wind storm, it was far from a palace worthy of God’s Son to be born in.   In addition to being drafty, damp and poorly lit, the stable smelled of barnyard hay, animals, and manure.

And yet, in the midst of this bitter poverty, a figure could be found who was and is the most beautiful and radiant creature God had ever created, the Most Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

And Mary probably had never in her life looked more beautiful, more joyful, than she did right after giving birth to Her Divine Son and seeing His face, for the very first time; and seeing His Face looking at Her who He chose for His Mother for the very first time.

As Jesus would say later at the Last Supper: He who sees me, sees the Father.  Mary even then knew that she was seeing the face of God in Her new born Son.

Probably, the strongest of human loves is the love of a mother for her child.  Mary has this natural love and affection for the humanity of Jesus her Son, which surpasses any natural love and affection you or I could have for Jesus.

But Mary not only has a natural love for Jesus as Man, whe also has a supernatural love for Jesus as God.  And it is this great supernatural Love found in Mary’s Immaculate Heart that makes us honor and venerate her.

For no Angel, no Shepherd, no Magi; no Apostle, or Martyr or Saint can come close to the Adoration and Worship that Mary offers to the Baby Jesus.  Her faith, Her Hope, Her love for Her Son is deeper and stronger than any of us can have.

And so, while the Stable was cold and damp and smelly and uncomfortable, Mary kept not those things, but rather the Love of God and the Joy of His being born to us in her heart, reflecting on them constantly.

And now that Jesus from the Cross has given her to us to be our Mother also, Mary wishes to share these precious gifts she has received with us her children.

As we begin this New Year of Grace, let us entrust ourselves and our families and our Church to our Bl Mother.    May Mary hold us all in her maternal heart throughout this year, and help us to reflect upon and keep all the great things her Son Jesus has done for us, and be open to all the great things He will continue to do his disciples.

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