Homily — 5th Sunday OT B February 8, 2009

Homily — 5th Sunday OT B                 February 8, 2009

 Everyone is looking for you, Jesus.

Not just Simon’s mother in law;

not just those in the village of Capernaum whom you had taught, and healed, and delivered from many demons;

not just the friends and relatives of these townspeople who  heard from them what you’ve done;

No, Lord Jesus, everyone is looking for you.

Every human soul your Father has created is ultimately looking for you, Jesus, in their life.

Job is looking for you, in today’s first reading.

This man Job, who just a short time ago was rich and prosperous and healthy, all of a sudden loses everything: he loses his livelihood, his savings, his family, and his health.

Job, in his lament, is looking for understanding as to why he suffers.

And the Jobs of our own day — those who like Job have recently lost their means of employment, or their financial security, or those who like Job have recently lost loved ones or whose health has taken a sudden turn for the worse —

— every Job of today currently asking him or herself “Why me?” is looking for you, Jesus.  And they can find you, stripped of everything, nailed to the Cross, truly suffering along with them, closer than ever to them in their afflictions.

Everyone is looking for you, Jesus.  Yes, even those who are right now plunging into sin, living a life centered around sin.

For every sinner thinks he or she will find happiness in their sin.  But the greed, or vanity, or lust, they indulge in only leaves them not happy, but empty and unsatisfied.

Which is why, in the Gospel, Jesus, we see you rising very early before dawn to pray to the Father for these poor lost sinners,

which is why we see you moving on from village to village to call these sinners also to repentance, to help them see that You are what they are really looking for in life, that You and You alone will truly satisfy their souls.

Everyone is looking for you Jesus, and we thank you Lord that we have found you, still alive and active in Your Holy Church, which you yourself have called us into, through the waters of Baptism.

We thank you, Jesus, that we never need have to look for you again, for you can be found always in your Church, especially in the Holy Eucharist, this memorial of your suffering and death.

Jesus, may we always be close to you as your disciples, may we follow You where ever you will lead us and be obedient to everything you teach us.  May we never lose you, that you have to come looking for us.

Continue, Lord, to deliver your people, and all peoples, from fevers, from all ills, and from demons, and be with all who like Job are bearing heavy crosses at this time in their lives.

And bring us all, one day Jesus, to eternal life with you, in your glorious kingdom for ever.

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