Homily – Mary Mother of God MMX 1/1/10

Homily – Mary Mother of God MMX 1/1/10

In the fields that first Christmas Night, an Angel of the Lord appeared to the Shepherds, and the Glory of the Lord shone round about them, and the Shepherds were struck with great fear.

But in the Stable, the Virgin Mary, Queen of Angels, appeared to the Shepherds; and she who Scripture calls The Glory of Jerusalem, the Joy of Israel, the fairest honor of our race shone round about them, filling those Shepherds with an even greater fear as they gazed on this most beautiful and sinless of Mothers.

In the fields of Bethlehem, the presence of a vast army of countless Angels filled the Heavens.

But in the Stable, the Presence of Mary, who Scripture calls Awesome as an Army set in Battle Array illuminated the Cave where Christ was born.

That Heavenly Choir of Angels sang so beautifully to the Shepherds in the fields;

But their Gloria was nowhere near as beautiful as the lullaby Mary sang to Her New Born Son in the Stable.

The Angels in the Sky sang “Peace on Earth” to the Shepherds in the Fields;

But in the Stable, that Peace was seen clearly in the face of the Virgin Mary, the Queen of Peace, a Peace that came from reflecting on all these things and keeping them in her heart.

As we celebrate the beginning of a New Year, and a New Decade, let us consecrate and entrust our lives, our families, our parish, this New Year, this New Decade, to the Virgin Mother of God and to Her Immaculate Heart.

Holy Mother Mary, watch over us your children, and keep us close to Your Divine Son Jesus.

Help us; and help our troubled world, throughout this New Year and New Decade to reflect deeply on the Life and Teachings of Your Son, so that the Peace which filled Your Heart and the Hearts of the Shepherds that first Christmas, may fill our hearts and our world as well.

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