Homily – Epiphany MMX 1/2/10

Homily – Epiphany MMX 1/2/10

On Christmas Eve in the city of Bethlehem, there was “no room at the inn,” the inn was so jam packed with people.

Twelve Days later, on this Solemn Feast of the Epiphany, there is now “no room at the Stable”: that cave in Bethlehem is now filled to capacity with Mary, Joseph, the Cow, the Donkey, the Shepherds, the Sheep, the Angels, the Magi, and the Camels – all gathered around the Manger, where the Baby Jesus, the Lord and Light and Savior of the World, lays sleeping.

Those lowly and Jewish Shepherds must have done a double take when the stable door opened, and those rich, exotic looking, pagan Magi walked in with their camels.

“What are you guys doing here? This baby is our Messiah, not yours! He’s the one our God, not yours, promised to send to us, not to you, in our Holy Scriptures.”

One zealous Shepherd, not taking any chances with these idol-worshiping foreigners, started reaching for his knife in his belt, but Mary gave him a look and he stopped.

One of the Magi, the one who spoke the best Hebrew, very calmly and politely answered the Shepherds, “We know that this Child is Your King and Messiah, we’ve all been reading and re-reading your wonderful Scriptures while we were on the road.

“We are here tonight, because a tiny Star has drawn us. From our homeland, far far away from here, we saw this Star, this tiny light, appear nine months ago. It was like no other light we’ve ever seen; it spoke to us, it called us to follow it.

“And so each one of us broke away from our lands and from our old way of life and from the gods we were taught to worship, and we all set out to see where this Star would lead us.

“And while on the road, we all met up with each other, none of us had ever known each other before, and we began to journey together, and read aloud and talk about your Scriptures with each other.”

“And the more we read the Scriptures, the brighter that star began to shine, and the more we began to realize just who it was that we were searching for, the more we began to realize just how important this journey we were taking was for us and for our people back home.

“And now, the Star has faithfully brought us to Him and His Mother, and to you good and faithful Shepherds also, and we are overjoyed.

“Our joy is beyond words, and so instead, in silent adoration, we offer Jesus these gifts which the Scriptures enlightened by that Star told us to give Him: Gold for the King of Kings, Frankincense for the God-Man, Myrrh for the Suffering Servant who will be scourged for our sins.”

Today my brothers and sisters, there is “no more room” at the Stable: The Angels, the animals, the Jewish People, and all other Nations and Peoples now surround the Manger.

It is full to capacity, there’s no room whatsoever for Satan and his demons, they’ll just have to stay somewhere else, while we adore our Newborn King and Lord without him!

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