Homily — 2nd Sunday Lent C 2/28/10

Homily — 2nd Sunday Lent C 2/28/10

The glorious Transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Tabor was witnessed only by three of Jesus’ disciples.

The Gospels do not say why only Peter James and John went with Jesus up the mountain. It might have been that they were the only disciples Jesus invited, but it also might have been that Jesus invited all his disciples and only these three took Our Lord up on the offer.

In any event, Jesus invites all of us to leave our sinful ways and our creature comforts behind, a to take a mountain climb with Him these forty days of Lent.

Each day of Lent Jesus wants us to climb higher with Him in Holiness through the three Lenten disciplines of Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving.

Lent is to be a real spiritual workout, as spiritually strenuous a journey as mountain climbing is physically strenuous. Each day of Lent, Monday through Saturday (no climbing on Sundays), we want to set aside time for prayer, do some little sacrifice such as giving up some food or entertainment we like, and do works of mercy, all of which will stretch us and help us turn away from sin more fully.

And if we persevere and keep pace with Jesus up this mountain of Lent, we too will be privileged to see what Peter James and John saw on that mountain:

Jesus Transfigured, Jesus shining bright before us, clearly the Lord of our Hearts and the Lord of All.

We will see on that mountain the Lawgiver greater than Moses, Jesus who not only teaches us the Law of Righteousness and Love, but also enables us by grace to be Righteous and Loving.

We will see Jesus the fulfillment of every promise God spoke through the mouth of Elijah and every other prophet, Jesus the fulfillment of every desire of the human heart.

Our Lenten Journey with Christ up the Mountain of Prayer Fasting and Almsgiving allows us to hear more clearly the voice of God the Father saying This is my chosen Son, listen to Him.

Yes, my brothers and sisters, It is good that we are here one week or so into this Holy Season of Lent.

If we haven’t yet taken up Jesus’ offer to go mountain climbing with Him, it’s not too late to catch up with Him if you start out now. There’s still four more week’s to go before we reach the summit, but when you climb with Jesus, it seems like no time at all!

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