Homily — 4th Sunday OT C 02/03/13

Homily — 4th Sunday OT C 02/03/13

 What’s not to love about Love?

 All patient, all kind, not jealous or pompous; totally selfless and forgiving; weeping over wrongdoing and rejoicing over truth; bearing, hoping, enduring all things; believing all things are possible; stronger and clearer and more truthful than any knowledge or language or vision:  What’s not to love about Love?

 Nothing at all – when we admire Love from afar.  Love is great when we read about it, or gaze at it over there on a pedestal, or hear of Love doing great things in other, nearby communities.

But when Love comes into town, into our lives, when Love gets close, and holds up a mirror to our souls, and shows us our impatience, our unkindness, our envy, empty show, selfishness, our anger and brooding and unforgiveness over petty offenses; when Love shows us how we so often delight in wrongdoing and reject the truth; when Love points out our lack of real faith, our lack of endurance; when it bursts the bubble of our sham hopes and dreams, and exposes our great ignorance and lack of real communion with God and others;

 When Love shows to us our great and desperate need for Love, then we rise up, drive Love out of town, and push Love as far out of our lives as possible, just as the townspeople in today’s Gospel did when Jesus pointed out to them their great need for Love to save them from their pride which was blinding them from their sins.

 Then we, like them, try to kill Love, for having the audacity to say we need to change and be more loving.

 But Love cannot be killed; Love passes through the midst of our pride and impatience and selfishness and doubt and hopelessness, and goes away – for a time – only to try again, maybe years later, to offer us an opportunity to learn to Love.

And one day, please God, Love will break us down, Love will conquer us;

Then we will put aside childish ways and become grown men and women, fortified cities, walls of brass, not prevailed over or crushed on account of any trials;  not admiring Love from afar, but fully knowing Love as Love has fully known and tried and tested and perfected us.

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