Homily – Palm Sunday MMXIII

 Homily – Palm Sunday MMXIII 3/24/13

And so we begin Holy Week 2013, in this Year of Faith.

And if we look with eyes of faith at the world we live in, and if we look with eyes of faith into our own souls, we see that Holy Week 2013 isn’t at all different from that first Holy Week we have just heard proclaimed in the Gospel.

Jesus again comes riding into town this week, riding into our world,to once more show us True Love;to once more show us Mercy;  and to once more be by and large rejected by the world he came to save.

Once more, we see the vast majority of us, his own disciples, flee Jesus out of weakness at the Hour of Darkness.

 Once more in our world today, we see us hardened, proud, blind hypocrites of the world patting themselves on the back as they bring down, crucify, and bury Truth and Love Incarnate.

 Once more in our world today, we see government leaders and judges caving to powerful special interest groups and the fickle will of we the people, condemning the Prince of Peace who would bring true freedom and justice to the world,while at the same time setting free the sham, charismatic Barabbas, who brings destruction and a culture of death to society while our news media makes it all look so cool and enlightening.

 Once more, we see us who hammered the nails in say we are just following orders, the worlds a tough place and we don’t want to rock the boat, we might lose our job or our prestige in society if we speak out.

Once more, us good men and women of the world fail to keep vigilant, and in our modern laziness and comfort fall asleep, while evil, corrupt and misguided men are wide awake, organizing, and preparing to successfully bring down Jesus and His Kingdom.

Once more, the majority of us go about our self centered business, while Love and Truth Incarnate is banished from the public square, pushed to the fringes, outside the walls of society, and left to die on a tree with only a handful of faithful believers by his side.

Jesus once again gets all the same treatment from us in 2013 that he got that first time he came riding into our world.

But at the same time, His response to our rejection is also the same:

Once again, from outside the walls on the margins of society, from the Cross Jesus says to us his crucifiers: “Father, forgive them, have mercy on them, they know not what they do”

Once again, he said to the Good Thieves and Big Sinners of the World, who after hitting rock bottom, finally give their lives to Christ, “Today you will be with me in Paradise”

Once again, Jesus says to the Beloved Disciple, who was close to Jesus in the Eucharist and didn’t run from the Cross: “Here is your Mother, she will provide for you from now on”

Once again, we see people who, like the soldier who pierced Jesus side, realize afterwards that they crucified the Son of God by their actions, and become believers then.

 Once again, we see the Josephs and Nicodemus’, former pharisees, break from their peers, and join the small band of disciples in mourning Christ’s death.

Once again, the Peters of the world weep bitterly this week after reflecting deeply on how they have denied Jesus time and again before men.

And once again, Jesus Christ willing goes to offer his body and blood, to suffer and die, to show the depth of his love for His one and only bride, His Body the Church.

May we accompany Jesus on His journey to the Cross this week, mourning over our sins that nailed him there, so that we may also rejoice with Him when He rises gloriously on the Third Day.

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