Homily – Good Friday MMVII

Homily – Good Friday MMVII

Holy Face

Homily — Good Friday MMVII April 6, 2007

From the Old Testament Song of Songs, Chapter 8:

(The Bride says to her Bridegroom) set me as a seal on your heart . . . for (Your) Love is stronger than death, . . . .its flames are a blazing fire. Deep waters cannot quench (Your) love, nor floods sweep it away.

We call this day Good Friday, because on this day Jesus proves that His Love is stronger than death.

For despite all the trials Jesus undergoes on this day, the Love in Christ’s Sacred Heart for us and for His Father does not dim one bit, it remains a blazing fire.

On this Day, Christ’s love was tested in every way possible. He endures the physical pain of being scourged from head to toe, then being crowned with sharp thorns, then being nailed to a Cross.

But through it all, Jesus still loves those who do this to Him; He still trusts that His loving Father will deliver Him.

On this Day, Jesus suffers the emotional pain of being betrayed by one close friend, being disowned by another even closer friend, and being abandoned by almost every other friend. On top of that, He’s is also treated unjustly by both His religious and political leaders, and rejected by His own people, who prefer the murderous revolutionary, Barabbas, over Him.

But through all that, Jesus still holds immense love for those who are doing this to Him; He still trusts that His loving Father will bring great good out of it all.

And finally, worst of all, on this Day, Jesus the Son of God suffers the spiritual pain caused by my sins and your sins, past, present and future. He feels every injustice, every betrayal, every sin of omission we have committed more painfully to His being than any physical torture He’s going through.

But even through all that, Jesus still loves me, still loves you; still sees the image of God His loving Father deep within our beings. He suffers His passion to restore that Image and Likeness in us.

We call today Good Friday, my brothers and sisters, because before this day, Death and Sin were stronger than Human Love, but after this day, Human Love transformed by Christ shows itself stronger than Sin and Death.

Sweet Jesus, set me, set us all as a seal on Your Heart, so that Your love, which is stronger than death or any other trial I may face in this life, may be a blazing fire which carries me through the Crosses of my life.

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